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Who Is Liable For A Dog Bite?

While friendly companionship is a much more common trait in dogs than aggressive attacks, dog bites do happen. Laws protect you if you are attacked by a dog, and you are entitled to dog bite compensation.

New Jersey laws state that dog owners are liable if their pet bites someone on private or public property. In some cases, homeowners insurance covers dog bites, but as a victim, you are still entitled to damages. Even if the dog has never shown signs of aggression, you may hold the owner liable.

At the Law Offices of Feeley & LaRocca, the lawyers have vast experience representing victims of dog bites. The team knows how to help victims in Winfield Park and surrounding areas get compensation for their injuries.

Dangerous Dog Laws

New Jersey has laws regarding dogs deemed as dangerous. If a dog has shown signs of aggression, it could be subject to restrictions. Owners are required to keep these animals in a secure spot on their property, and in some cases they may have to muzzle the animal or meet other criteria.

If an owner does not take the proper precautions for a dangerous dog and the dog attacks a person, the owner may face criminal charges. The owner is liable in a civil dog bite lawsuit, but may face additional fines or jail time for not following the laws.

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