Dedicated To Public Employees

One of the core focuses of the Law Offices of Feeley & LaRocca is to work with public employees. Both founding attorneys, John D. Feeley and Tony F. LaRocca, have experience as public employees and have a passion for working with brave and dedicated police officers, firefighters and other public employees in Winfield Park and throughout New Jersey.

Mr. Feeley has his own deep experience as both a police officer and firefighter and understands the challenges these individuals face every day. Additionally, Mr. Feeley holds 17 years of experience as a Union President. The firm makes working with public employees a priority so you know where to turn for questions regarding pensions for disability and other issues unique to your line of work.

Working With All Citizens

While representing public employees is a priority and passion, the team at the Law Offices of Feeley & LaRocca works with all citizens. Whether you have been injured in an accident, including work accidents, or have a dispute with your employer, the lawyers at the firm have the experience and knowledge to help.

Whether you’re a public employee or not, the firm is ready to help with your legal concerns. The attorneys work on behalf of their clients to achieve the best possible results.

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