Experienced Disciplinary Hearing Representation in New Jersey

Public employees have the ability to defend themselves in disciplinary hearings. This can be a benefit other employees don’t have. It is also a stressful and frustrating situation that can leave you worrying about your job.

Police officers, for example, face difficult decisions every day. Even after making a decision you feel is right, you may face disciplinary action. Public employees may find themselves in a hearing that could result in:

  • Suspension, with our without pay
  • Change of duties
  • Additional training or treatment
  • Termination

If you are concerned about a disciplinary hearing or possible termination, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Feeley & LaRocca have the experience to defend you. The firm works with public employees in Winfield Park and throughout New Jersey.

Public Employers Must Prove Cause

One of the key differences for public employees is that an employer must prove cause to terminate your employment. Unlike at-will employment in the private sector, where either the employer or employee can terminate employment at any time for any reason, public employers must have a justifiable reason for termination.

While these requirements protect police officers, firefighters and other public employees, a disciplinary hearing may result in you losing your job. An experienced attorney can represent your interests in a hearing where your employer is trying to prove cause for termination.

Part of the benefit of being a public employee is that you can fight for your job, an option most employees don’t have. For public employees, the right lawyer can make all the difference.

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